Situated in the centre of Portugal, the history of ALUMICALEIRA starts to unfold in 1993 with the founding of the company, LM FERREIRA.

The founders, Isabel Ferreira and José Ferreira on those days, brought to Portugal, from Canada, a revolutionary technology...

The production of rain gutters on site, with exact measurements and without the need of any cuts whatsoever.

Pioneer in this sector, soon LM FERREIRA became a prestigious company, forcing the founders to rethink their entire business plan.

With the increasing popularity of the coated aluminium rain gutters, in 1995, LM FERREIRA gives place to ALUMICALEIRA LDA. Now the main focus is not the instalation of rain gutter systems but the commerce of raw material, machinery, tools and acessories to all professionals that install aluminium coated rain gutters.

With solid contacts on both asian and north-american markets, Isabel Ferreira e José Ferreira built an unique business in the country, well succeeded which gives it's costumers a vast array of products alongside with a great service that makes us, nowadays, a leading company in our sector.

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