Picture of Manual seamer M1040

Manual seamer M1040

The manual seamer M1040 is an ideal tool for closing the single-lock standing seam at the workshop as well as for the site. It could lock a large range of metal:

  • Galvanized steel: 0.65mm

  • Aluminium: 0.8mm

  • Copper: 0.8mm

  • Zinc: 0.8mm

  • Stainless steel: 0.5mm

Other characteristics:

  • Width of the profile: 12-15mm

  •  Weight: 2.9 kg

  • Ergonomic handholds above and on both sides of the tool

  • Closes the profile in both directions

  • Simple removal of the tool from seam by relieving pressure – at any time and without scratching

  • Rope-tying device included

  • Delivered in a handy carrying case